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XenCraft and ABLE Innovations partner to globalize Progress-based applications

Lexington, MA - April 30, 2003: XenCraft, an internationalization consulting company, announced its partnership with ABLE Innovations, a provider of language technology and integrated globalization services, to support the Progress Software application market.

Both companies have developed proven technologies, and techniques, specifically tailored to the globalization of applications developed in PROGRESS 4GL. Tex Texin, founder of XenCraft, said "I believe that in ABLE Innovations' language technology and localization services, I have found the perfect complement to XenCraft's internationalization services for Progress Software applications."

As the former architect of Progress internationalization and Unicode-enabling strategies, Tex Texin has worked in the Progress community for years enabling architectures for multilingual product release. As a specialist in multilingual text processing and user interfaces, Unicode, and web internationalization, he was sought by ABLE to advise on how to design and implement the lowest cost strategy of internationalizing and localizing Progress-based Windows and Web applications leveraging ABLE's breakthrough language technology, WizTom.

"We are very pleased to have secured the validation and support from one such as Tex, a truly respected and knowledgeable Progress internationalization guru," stated Samantha La Duc, president of ABLE Innovations. The combined solutions represented by both companies form an unparalleled commitment to the localization of Progress applications.

In further support of the Progress community, Bill Kirtz, Business Development Manager at ABLE Innovations, will work to support XenCraft's and ABLE's customers. Bill is well acquainted with the Progress marketplace. Before serving many years at Sybase as Globalization Product Manager, he was at VARNET, and understands the globalization needs of application developers.

The ABLE Innovations Solutions Suite
ABLE Innovations suite of products and services are already delivering business benefits for companies such as GE Power Systems, Pumatech, Indus, Frontrange, BJ Services and Colligo. These services include consulting, localization, engineering, testing, content management and translation. Through a breakthrough technology, WizTom™, developers now have the ability to ready applications or Web sites for localization and manage updates in an easy, non-intrusive, and elegant way. Access to source code is not needed! Through its innovative approach to separating language from code, WizTom will dramatically reduce or eliminate reengineering, rebuilding, and retesting. The WizTom solution, when paired with ABLE's expert localization services, can ensure your products are made world-ready sooner and presented in multiple languages correctly.

About ABLE Innovations, Inc.
ABLE Innovations, Inc. leads the way in language technology and integrated globalization services, providing support for clients' worldwide translation and internationalization needs. ABLE Innovations' process management expertise and veteran localization staff dramatically reduce the complexity and costs of producing multilingual applications, Web sites and content. The ABLE Guarantee™: Cost Savings, Quality, and On-Time Delivery. Visit http://www.ableinnovations.com/

About XenCraft
XenCraft provides internationalization consulting and training services, specializing in supporting the Progress Software application market. XenCraft's founder, Tex Texin, was the architect for Progress Software's internationalization capabilities and has extensive experience across Java, C, C++, Progress 4GL, and many other programming languages. Services provided include double-byte enabling, Unicode-enabling, Web-enabling and adding support for numerous character encodings, collations, and presentation formats. Visit http://www.xencraft.com/.

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