Minimal Footprint Deployment for Progress 4GL

Here are the minimal set of files needed for deployment of PROGRESS 4GL GUI Client version 9.1B on Microsoft Windows.

The list was originally provided by Bert Jansen on the PEG. Of course, you may need additional files, depending on your application.

Minimal File Set for Progress 4GL Version 9.1B

The files take up approximately 12 MB.

You also need to create a registry entry that points to the DLC directory, even if you're using an ini file instead of the registry. You may also need some Microsoft Windows files, if you're client isn't up to date or you're using OCX's (check your DLC/bin/system directory)

Of course, you also need to include your application files and databases.

One way to have a small footprint is to use Progress WebClient (which is free) connected to an AppServer. WebClient is around 10MB so can easily be downloaded to each PC. (Thanks to Miles Klettke)

DLC Directory

  • convmap.cp
  • progress.cfg
  • version

DLC\BIN Directory

  • _dbutil.exe (needed for prostrct repairs)
  • accugnt5.dll
  • auth.dll
  • category.dll
  • dirsrch.dll
  • environ.dll
  • evntlog.dll
  • fileinfo.dll
  • fldsel32.dll
  • icuuc.dll
  • ntsrvtlr.dll
  • procfg.dll
  • proexec.dll
  • progress.ini
  • promsgs.dll
  • proOsLocale.dll
  • prostrct.bat
  • prow32.dll
  • prowin32.exe
  • prox.dll
  • proxml.dll
  • psi_tlr.dll
  • rocket.dll
  • usortwin.dll