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The MS Windows Font SCRIPT parameter in PROGRESS 4GL

When you select a font under Microsoft Windows, you can specify font name, size, and other options. Windows does its best to find a match. One of the things that Windows wants to know is the "script" value of the font. This parameter is related to code page. The value for script is very high priority in the Microsoft Windows font search algorithm. That is to say, Windows will look for a font that matches your script setting, and consider doing so more important than finding a matching for other parameters such as the font name. Windows would rather give you a font that supports your code page then the named font. This is a good thing in general.

When Windows added script in Win 95, Progress 4GL needed to provide the right setting for script when it assigns a font. Progress 4GL identifies the script value to use by looking at the script value of the system font. Progress 4GL then uses that value as the default value for the script parameter of any other fonts it requests from the operating system.

For example, when you run English language version of Microsoft Windows, Progress 4GL gets the script value from the default font, and then sets the script value for other font selections to that value, which will be "Western European". You can specify the script value on each of the fonts in the progress.ini file to override the default value. In addition to the numbered fonts (FONT1, FONT2, etc.) make sure you also set the script on your DEFAULT fonts and PRINTER(1,2,3) fonts.

Here is an example demonstrating the setting of the script parameter:

DefaultFont=MS Sans Serif, size=8, script=ansi
DefaultFixedFont=Courier New, size=8 script=ansi

There is more info on page 180-182 of Kano's book Developing International Software for Win95, Win NT.

Note the script parameter is only used on Microsoft Windows.

The values for script that are recognized by the PROGRESS 4GL are as follows (all quoted strings):

 Script Value 

 Description or comments

 ansi  Western Europe, The Americas, Australia/New Zealand
 default Matches any charset/code page. Use when you don't care about code page
 arabic Arabic
 baltic Baltic
 chinesebig5 Traditional Chinese. Use with code pages BIG-5, CP950
 easteurope Eastern Europe
 gb2312 Simplified Chinese. Use with code pages GB2312, CP936
 greek Greek
 hangeul Korean. Use with code pages KSC5601, CP949
 hebrew Hebrew
 johab Korean. Use with code page CP1361- very rare for Progress users.
 russian Russian, Cyrillic
 shiftjis Japanese. Use with code pages SHIFT-JIS, CP932
 thai Thai
 turkish Turkish
 vietnamese Vietnamese
 symbol Symbol fonts. These fonts do not represent characters. They are for dingbats and drawings e.g happy faces, arrows, music notes, etc.
 oem For fonts representing DOS character sets, not Windows.
 mac Refers to Apple computer character set, not recommended for most Progress users.