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Tutorial: Cutting the Fat Out of Translation Costs

Cost-effective Localization Techniques

Tutorial: Cutting the Fat Out of Translation Costs

Duration: ½ day (Customizable from 1 hour to full-day localization training)
Target Audience: Translators, Localizers, Project Leaders, Managers
Technical level: Beginner

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Training Objectives


The ongoing expansion of international trade is creating many new opportunities for Progress Application Partners to sell into Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, provided that applications are localized. Many clients of Progress applications are themselves multinational companies and require applications that are multilingual. The advent of the web and web services provides ways for partners to market and deliver their products and services globally at reduced cost and for clients to more efficiently manage international operations.

An obstacle to attaining these benefits is the cost of localizing Progress applications. Most applications are not designed for localization. Localization tools available for Progress applications are not able to make the process sufficiently low cost.

A new approach to localizing Progress applications is low in cost and effort. The biggest expense, modifying source code and user interface to accommodate translations, is eliminated. This presentation tells you what to plan for in localizing an application, where the obstacles are hidden, and the process of translation using Progress Translation Manager. A new alternative approach is described, that localizes an application, resizes screens for translated text, and does not require source code modification. This approach works with older applications as well as applications using Dynamics, and can translate to any language including Asian and Middle Eastern.

A demonstration will be provided.

This workshop will provide you the information you need to:

Make design and architectural changes that significantly reduce software and documentation localization costs

Who will benefit from this workshop and why?

If your company expects to participate in the global economy, then it is important to you to understand how to localize products efficiently, so that you get the best possible return on investment, and enter new markets quickly. This class will give you that understanding. Training provides you and your staff methods to reduce future localization costs, improve time to market, work effectively with localization partners and ensures your company can compete in the global economy.


Outline - Cutting the Fat Out of Translation

 Localization can generate revenue
 However, Sticker shock often occurs
  Ways to avoid
  Alternative approaches that reduce cost.

Agenda: Cutting Fat Out of Translation
 Why Applications are not Localized
 Preparing for Localization
 Localization Process
 Localization Tools

Business Issues
 Finding trustworthy partners
 Unfamiliar waters
 legal, business practices
 Communications misunderstandings
 Time zone and logistical difficulties
 Shipping and delivery problems
 Postal codes, expensive returns

Reducing Localization Cost

Localization 101


Examples of Localization Changes

Symbolism and imagery

Common Color Advice

Tips for graphics

Impact of font changes

Translation 101

Translation Objectives

Engineering cost factor

Danger of divergent code lines

Text expansion

Text construction


Reusing parts causes problems

Translation Tip: Use subject:predicate

Preparing for localization: Styles

Existing applications

Testing Costs


Computer Aided Translation Tools

Automated Translation

Translation memory

Fuzzy or Approximate Matching

Translation Process


Let's Demonstrate!

Strategies Localizing Applications

Best Practices