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Unicode and Internationalization Training

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Winner of the Unicode Bulldog Award

Tex was awarded the Unicode Bulldog Award at the March 2004 Unicode conference!

XenCraft is a consulting firm specializing in software globalization. XenCraft enhances software and Web applications so that they can be used in markets anywhere in the world. We are experts in Unicode, double-byte encodings, character set conversion, algorithms for efficient text processing, right-to-left language design, and providing support for all locales. XenCraft globalization assessments include analysis of gaps in software internationalization and instructions for correcting the gaps and internationalization testing, localization process improvement and automation. We can provide guidance on machine translation and crowd sourcing and global business and product strategies. We have helped companies in eCommerce, health care, storage, social network, and other industries go global.

Ensure your globalization efforts are not undone by parallel or future development work. XenCraft will train your staff on modern internationalization and localization techniques. We are experts in Web standards, Unicode, C/C++, .Net, Java, Microsoft Windows, Unix, and cross-platform development.

XenCraft has several localization partners around the world and can provide the highest quality translations.

XenCraft provides expertise for managing large engineering groups (teams of more than 100 people), geographically distributed teams, dedicated internationalization and Unicode-enabling teams, and multi-language localization efforts.

"We have worked with Mr. Texin for the past two years on mission critical internationalization projects. His breadth of knowledge and communication skills make him an invaluable consultant. Our clients appreciate his clarity and technical insights which enable them to complete the work more quickly at lower costs."

Mike Klinger, Globalization Manager, Anzu Global


XenCraft provides many globalization services, including the following (in any combination):

XenCraft also provides engineering, management and leadership services to other internationalization and localization companies.

For more details about our experience and capabilities, see our XenCraft expertise page.


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Industry experts can train your staff on internationalization and the latest in web standards. Proper training insures that both maintenance and future development are consistent with globalization requirements and web standards and does not require further costly re-engineering.

The training XenCraft provides is customized to the needs of the client and can be given on-site to reach the greatest number of staff with the least overhead for travel and time out of the office.

For more details, see XenCraft class descriptions or see what our customers say about our workshops.

The XenCraft Difference

XenCraft doesn't insist there is just one way to globalize products. Other agencies prefers the one-size fits all approach, because it maximizes the tasks their customers must pay for, and the agencies can apply the same code templates and methods to every project. This can result in increased cost and time-to-market while the agency can use the lowest cost programmers. The common templates and methods are designed to work in the most general case. However using the least common denominator coding style does not result in the best performing applications.

XenCraft works can design the most effective globalization plan that meets the short term and long term goals of its clients and makes the best use of resources. Often, we can design a phased approach that allows prototypes to be used to gain initial sales and to show commitment to potential regional distributors. XenCraft plans for the markets with the biggest potential to be harvested first, while minimizing delays to the availability of product localized for subsequent markets.

XenCraft devotes a portion of its time and manpower to the development and promotion of internationalization and web standards. XenCraft is an active member of the Unicode Consortium and the World Wide Web Consortium.