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XenCraft is a consulting and training company specializing in software globalization and helping companies around the world move to new markets and the web. Tex Texin is XenCraft's founder, chief architect and Xen Master.

If you are seeking either to move into new regional markets or to implement e-business globally, XenCraft can help you. We can help you develop business plans and calculate potential return on investment for each market. We can architect and implement the software changes to enable your software to be used in the target markets or anywhere in the world. We can train your staff on globalization, so you can economically make changes and to insure your globalization efforts are not undone by future development work. We can work with and leverage your international distributors and sales offices to efficiently and satisfactorily localize products for their markets. XenCraft has localization partners around the world and can provide the highest quality translations.

XenCraft can also assist you with the creation and refinement of software product strategies and the managing of software development projects.


XenCraft's mission is to improve both the time to market and the cost of developing and delivering localized applications to markets anywhere in the world. XenCraft achieves this by taking a thoughtful approach to globalization strategies for each client and by contributing to the development and promulgation of internationalization standards that improve the efficiency of conducting business globally.

Contact Information

Twitter: TexTexin
Phone: +1 781 789 1898
XenCraft is headquarted in Mountain View, CA. We provide onsite services around the world.


"I18nGuy", "TexTexin", and "XenCraft" are trademarks of Tex Texin.


XenCraft devotes a portion of its time and manpower to the development and promotion of internationalization and web standards.

XenCraft's chief architect, Tex Texin has contributed to the Ruby Annotation Recommendation, the Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0, and the Web Services Internationalization Usage Scenarios.

XenCraft is a member of the Unicode Consortium which develops the Unicode Character Standard.

XenCraft is a proud sponsor of the international Unicode Conference, which promotes the Unicode Standard. Tex is also a member of the Unicode Conference Review Board and a frequent presenter. Tex provides the Web Internationalization Tutorial at recent Unicode conferences.

Etymology, or Origin, of the name "XenCraft"

Tex coined the name XenCraft to encompass several concepts:

  • "Xen" from Xeno, representing things foreign or strange, as in Xenophile, lover of things foreign.
  • "Xen" is pronounced like "Zen". Zen refers to the attainment of enlightenment, where disparate views are brought together and experienced as one.
  • "Craft", refers to the skilled making of things, such as by an artisan.
  • "Craft", a vessel or vehicle, (such as a seacraft or a spacecraft) to take you places (for example, new regional markets!).

For the lighter side of internationalization, localization, and translation, visit Tex's experimental playground and our sister site


XenCraft's logo was designed by Lisa Coe of Ellicott Design Associates, inc.

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