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XenCraft Class Descriptions

XenCraft offers several training packages that can be economically provided at your site for your entire staff. The training is customized for the development environment (Windows, Unix, et al.) and tools (Java, C/C++, et al.) that you use. Your staff will learn how to be effective deploying in your target regional markets (Europe, Americas, CJKT, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.) or worldwide.

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New! Unicode and Internationalization Tutorial

New content covering the latest in i18n standards and technologies and best practices to apply them. See Unicode and Internationalization Tutorial.
Hitchhiker's Guide to Going Global Web Internationalization:
Standards and Practices
Unicode for Progress 4GL
Designing a User Interface
for Global Deployment
Workshop Localization Project Management Preventing Text Corruption
On The World Wide Web
on the World Wide Web
Workshop ROI - Cost Effective Localization Cutting the Fat Out of Translation Costs

Preventing Text Corruption On The Web

The web is becoming increasingly interactive, as companies advance from simple publishing applications to applications that accept data from customers, partners, employees, and soon other applications in the form of web services.

However, users can be anywhere in the world, on any platform, entering data in any language. Even if your web application is not intended for international users, native users may enter characters that you did not anticipate. A proper design, based on a solid understanding of the web's architecture, can insure that data corruption does not occur. This presentation explains the web's architecture with respect to text processing, character encoding negotiation. For Progress users, new (9.1D) capabilities of Progress WebSpeed applications are described.

Topics include:

Unicode/ISO 10646 for Progress Users

The Unicode Character Standard (ISO 10646) is the encoding used for text by all modern technologies and especially on the Web or for any application that needs to support multiple languages for UI or data content. This presentation describes the Unicode standard, the particular encoding UTF-8, and how Progress supports it. After attending this presentation you will be able to identify the changes that are needed to Unicode-enable your application and take advantage of the benefits of Unicode's multilingual capabilities.

Designing a User Interface for Global Deployment

This class describes the potential pitfalls that plague user interfaces that are to be deployed around the world. Techniques that can be globally successful as well as economically developed are described and recommended.

Business Globalization

International Testing and Debugging

Cross-cultural Communications